Chez Lisgar New Dates

Hey everyone, this is Nadya! Unlike our usual blog posts where we highlight the wonderful dinner experiences we’ve had in great detail, I’m going to keep this one relatively short. This time around I decided, why not speak directly to the fine folks who make Chez Lisgar so amazing, week after week after week? Also, this news is just too big to document solely as a blog post. I wanted so badly to announce this information to everyone in audible form.

In the past couple of weeks, Sarah and myself have been getting a lot of questions, and the most frequent of those questions has been,

“When are you going to open up new dates at Chez Lisgar? You’ve been booked since you opened and I want in!”

Well, for those of you who have been following our Instagram account, you may have noticed that I dropped a little clue not too long ago, and that clue was a picture of April 25th on my calendar. What this means is that tomorrow (or rather today) is the day that we are announcing a whole new set of reservation dates at Chez Lisgar.

Hint hint 😉 keep an eye out for this date #chezlisgar #hinthint #newbeginnings #getready #reservations

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Over the past few months we have received over 300 reservation requests. Thanks to the Toronto Star, CBC, Huffington Post, BlogTO and a couple other great blogs for featuring us, we’ve gotten a lot of great attention, and so many people are truly excited to come over to our apartment and have dinner with us for some reason.

Next week is our last dinner of our first block of reservations. All of those slots were filled by the wonderful people of the Bunz community (if you don’t have the app download it now). That being said, since Bunz is such a trusted community, we had no qualms about letting strangers into our home, because we trusted the honesty and familial vibe of the group. With all the press we have been receiving, many of the reservation requests have opened up beyond the Bunz community, meaning we need to be a little more cautious about how we proceed and who exactly we let into our home.

As a result, we will be emailing a screening form to all of those who have requested a reservation so far. We will email this form to anyone who signs up for a reservation before May 15th. So if you have friends who don’t know about the wonder that is Chez Lisgar, tell them now to sign up! Again, May 15th is the cut off date, since that is when we will be mailing out the screening forms. Also, for every person who you refer to Chez Lisgar, you get bumped up one spot on the waiting list! SO make sure your friends indicate before May 15th that they are interested by filling out the reservation request form[link]. In the email we send you, you will have the option of filling out your friends’ contact information so we know exactly who it is you told about us.

For those of you who are good at math, you may have realized that accommodating 300 reservation requests would take about 4 years. Unfortunately not everyone can get selected for a spot at Chez Lisgar, but those of you whose answers we like the best have a better chance of making the cut. Does that mean we judge people based on their personalities? Absolutely. We want to make sure that the dinner is a good time for everyone. It’s not just about the food but about the overall bond. If you don’t like that…sorry. That’s just the truth.


Not Just Wine…

Furthermore, in the past we have been open to accepting only bottles of wine for dinner. While this is still highly encouraged and appreciated, we wanted to open up the potential for other trades. Please feel free to bring other forms of booze, like bourbon or Jack Daniel’s or Maker’s Mark. We like those things too. We are also open to receiving gourmet coffee beans, fancy condiments and desserts. Additionally we have come to realize just how much groceries cost, so gift cards to Metro or FreshCo are also greatly appreciated.
You’re probably thinking once again,

“Well gee, Nadya. I don’t care about any of this! I want to know when I can get a reservation?!”


Our new block of reservations will begin June 11th and go on until August 27th. We’ve decided to change the dates to Saturdays instead because Fridays as we have learned, require a lot of rushing around after work. Saturdays will allow us to ensure that the quality of the food continues to improve, and the experience is overwhelmingly satisfying for all.

You might also be thinking,

“Well why June? Why not May?”

Unfortunately, both Sarah and I will be moving to new places, so we want to use May as a bit of a buffer zone and to give us time to settle into our new homes. That way come June, we are more prepared to welcome new weirdos into our humble abode. This brings me to my next point- the new place will be a little bit bigger than our current home, meaning we can increase our capacity from 2 guests, to 3 or maybe even 4 guests a night. That means more chances for all of you to get a slot!

Lastly I want to ask everyone who is listening or reading to please follow us on Instagram @chezlisgar! We post food pics from previous dinners and other places we like. Also, we drop clues about important things to keep in mind, so it’s a good way to stay on top of the action. Lastly, the ones that follow us and engage with us on Instagram have a special place in our hearts, and an increased chance of getting selected for a dinner (so do the ones who read the blog *wink wink*. We know who you are).

Again, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been a part of Chez Lisgar so far. Although you enter our homes as strangers, you certainly leave as friends. We look forward to meeting the rest of you.