There’s no doubt that the Liberals’ recent majority win is making the world talk. In fact, headlines all over the globe are covering Canada’s 2015 election results. As the Liberal seat numbers saw a steady increase, Twitter and Facebook lit up with comments, questions, concerns and most importantly, funny memes. I took the time to scavenge the web in order to track down some of the best Harper/Trudeau memes and images I could find. I figured the following 17 perfectly summarized this particular election.

1) Sexy Trudeau

Sexy Trudeau -This Is Nadya

To begin, I thought I would warm you guys up with this post. Everyone is talking about Canada’s latest hot new Prime Minister. Mashable actually wrote an entire piece dedicated to the sexy new politician. So if you’re looking for more eye candy, be sure to check out this post.

2) Bautista Knocks Harper Out (of the park)

Bautista Harper Out

Canada experienced a Win-Win last night when the Jays also brought fans to cheers. In honour of their previous major win against the Rangers, please enjoy this wonderful image of Bautista flipping Harper right out of the park.

3) Straight Outta Office Harper

Straight Outta Office Harper

One of the biggest movies of the year is Hip Hop biopic Straight Outta Compton. Canada’s next big flick, however features Harper’s big premier outta office.

4) Justin Trudeau Zig Zags

Justin Tudeau ZigZag

Ok so maybe Trudeau did cut some corners with his father being one of the best former Prime Ministers of all time, but at least he’s planning on legalizing the green, right?

5) Prime Minister Not Harper

Prime Minister Not Harper

A lot of people are suggesting that Canadians made a strategic vote in electing the Liberal Party in hopes that anyone but Harper would take the office. It’s unfortunate that so many NDP representatives had to suffer because of this voting method, but fingers crossed that it works out this time.

 6) Rob Ford Really “Cracks” Me Up

Rob Ford Crack

Aw, no more Rob Ford for Mayor. Too bad, Toronto, but it was fun while it lasted? For anyone who is opposed to Trudeau’s decision to legalize pot, just remember that the Toronto Mayor was a crack head.

7) Harper Art

Harper Painting

Um…I don’t even really have anything to say about this except my condolences for that very sad looking dog. But also, that Tim Horton’s coffee cup (perhaps a stab at Rob Ford’s vessel of choice for his morning whiskey?) makes the painting truly Canadian.

8) More Hot Trudeau

Sexy Trudeau Number 2

I couldn’t resist one more compilation of our sexy new Prime Minister. Just something to ogle at.

9) Harper Nickelback

Harper Nickleback

Anybody that has a picture like this with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger does not deserve to be the Prime Minister of Canada. This is just unethical, really.

10) It’s True Though

It's True Though

Nothing needs to be said.

11) Trudeau Bat Flip

Trudeau Bautista

You can’t deny that this image is remarkably timely and also surprisingly well Photoshopped. Trudeau definitely knocked it out of the park this time round.

12) Whatchu Say Harper?

Whatchu Say Harper?

Seriously Harper talked so much shit about Trudeau that I wouldn’t blame him if he got just a little bit cocky about winning a majority! But also, Trudeau needs to prove to Harper that he is in fact ready for office. Please Justin- prove that you are better than him so that he can’t come around and say “I told you so”.

 13) Harper’s Empty Brain

Harper Brain Dead

This is just really funny, so enjoy.

14) Trudeau Harper Flip

Trudeau Harper Out

Ok last one, I swear. But I couldn’t help it! Trudeau is literally flinging Harper into the trash.

15) Harper Apocalypse

Harper Apocalypse  For everyone who is whining about how the Liberals are going to lead to the end of Canada’s economy, or how they will lead us into a depression, just keep in mind that it was Harper who first brought our Canadian dollar to its current low point, and it was also Harper who wanted to invest 29 billion dollars in sending fighter jets to Libya. So…just remember that.

16) Yu-Gi-Oh Trudeau!

Yu Gi Oh Trudeau

That vote was never going to remain split, Harper. There were a dozen different hashtags and events floating around social media praising your farewell.

17) Bye Felicia (Harper that means you)!

harper felicia

And to end this lovely post, I say to you Stephen Harper- Goodbye, Felicia! And yes, you are Felicia. It means no one gives a shit about you anymore. I know this because I Urban Dictionaried it!